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Alas, we've disbanded. But if you wanted to know what we were up to...

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A remote pasteboard management tool with presentation notes for iOS and Mac.

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Physics And The User Interface on iOS

An intermediate talk about UIKit Dynamics, how you use it to acheive physically simulated animations, and what sets it apart from using simple animation timing curves.

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NSExpressions: Everything you wanted to know but didn't know to ask

This advanced talk is a deep dive into NSExpression class (which is part of the Foundation classes of Objective C on Mac OS and iOS). What they are, how you can use them, why you might want to. NSExpression objects are the building blocks of NSPredicates and can be a very useful set of tools.

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Intro to iOS Gesture Recognizers

An introductory talk describing what gesture recognizers are and why they help us describe applications as a set of higher level gesture events. Slides go over some of the fundamentals and the sample code shows how they work.

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NSPredicates For Fun and Profit

NSPredicates aren’t just for Core Data. NSPredicates can be used to attack a variety of tasks with collections in ways that make your code more testable and easier to maintain. This intermediate talk walks through their basic use and then discusses how they can effectively replace difficult to maintain iterative code.

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NSIncrementalStore - Journey To The Center of Core Data

A marvelous journey deep into the bowels of Core Data. Once you learn all about Incremental Stores and how Managed Objects are made, Core Data will never taste the same again.

NSCollections For All Your Stuff

Sure, you've used NSArray and NSDictionary. But what about NSCountedSet, NSEnumerator, NSIndexPath, and NSIndexSet? This talk provides a better understanding for some of the excellent libraries available in the Foundation Collection classes.

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Testing in Xcode 5

A talk discussing techniques and tradeoffs around using XCTest in Xcode 5. Covers testing strategies (like unit and component integration tests), workflows, and continuous integration using Xcode Bots.